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The 60 Best Free SEO Tools

There are literally loads of unfastened search engine optimization gear out there, so we need to attention on only the high-quality and most useful to feature on your toolbox. Tons of humans within the search engine optimization community helped vet the search engine optimization software in this post (see the notice on the end). To be included, a device had to meet three requirements. It ought to be:


Widely utilized by the SEO community


Offers above-board value + actionable information


Actually, really unfastened


The equipment are categorized through search engine optimization function. Click on a button beneath to jump to that precise section.






Analytics Crawling/Indexing Keyword Research Link Tools Local search engine marketing Mobile search engine optimization Multi-tool On-page search engine marketing Research Site Speed Wordpress



The Best Free SEO Tools




The nice gear to research search performance, monitor SERPs, keywords, and competitor analysis:



1. Bing Webmaster Tools



While Google Webmaster Tools gets all of the glory, folks neglect that Bing Webmaster gives a full suite of internet site and search analytics. Especially useful are key-word reviews, keyword research, and crawling facts.



Get it: Bing Webmaster


Also beneficial: Yandex.Webmaster



2. Data Studio



If you need to merge facts from one of a kind sources (say Search Console and Google Analytics), visualize, and proportion it - that is Google Data Studio's comfort zone. For an idea of all of the search engine optimization duties and dashboards that you can construct for unfastened, check out those Google Data Studio Resources from Lee Hurst.



Get it: Data Studio



3. Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations



How do you understand in case your dip in traffic (or rise) is related to a Google Algorithm update, or perhaps a major holiday? This is a highly-recommended Google Chrome plugin that overlays additional information on pinnacle of your analytics, so that you can without problems ship screenshots to clients showing exactly how out of doors forces impacted traffic.



Get it: Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations


Alternatives: Panguin Tool, Zeo Tools



4. Google Analytics



The huge kahuna, and the most widely-used web analytics bundle on earth. For being free, Google Analytics is surprisingly robust and plays nicely with different Google products, consisting of Optimize, Search Console, and Data Studio. Some folks have privacy issues with GA — though Google swears they don't use this information for seek rankings.



Get it: Google Analytics


Alternatives: Clicky, Open Web Analytics



5. Search Console



Probably the most beneficial free search engine optimization tool on this whole list, it's tough to assume doing present day search engine optimization with out get entry to to the records inner Google's Search Console. This is the most dependable vicinity for facts on how Google crawls and ranks your web site, and is one of the handiest places where you can get reliable keyword records.



Get it: Search Console


Helpful Add-on: Search Analytics for Sheets



6. Keyword Hero



Did somebody say (no longer provided)? Keyword Hero works to resolve the hassle of missing key-word facts with lots of superior math and machine learning. It's not an ideal system, but for those suffering to in shape key phrases with conversion and different on-web site metrics, the records may be a precious step inside the right direction. Pricing is loose up to 2000 sessions/month.



Get it: Keyword Hero



7. MozCast



The brainchild of Dr. Pete and the original Google SERP tracker, MozCast is the go-to algorithm tracker every time there may be a big update, or now not. Also useful are the SERP tracking functions showing the prominence of such functions as commercials and understanding panels.



Get it: MozCast


Also useful: Algoroo, Rank Risk Index, Ayima Pulse





Specific tools to make certain your site is crawlable and optimized.



8. Beam Us Up



If you want a free, computer crawler, you can't do higher than Beam Us Up. While it would not have as many features as Screaming Frog, it does offer a hundred percentage loose crawling with out a limits. Windows simplest.



Get it: Beam Us Up



9. Link Redirect Trace



A unfastened Chrome extension, lots of SEOs propose Link Redirect Trace as the "all-in-one redirect path analyzer." The extension reveals facts about HTTP headers, rel-canonicals, robots.Txt, and basic hyperlink metrics from LinkResearchTools. The "Save Screenshot" characteristic is terrific useful too.



Get it: Link Redirect Trace



10. Redirect Path



Similar to Link Redirect Trace, Redirect Path is a nifty device from the coolest parents at Ayima that shows redirect paths and header records for each URL you visit. Gotta admit, I've used this extension for years and it's almost "constantly on" in my browser.



Get it: Redirect Path



11. Screaming Frog



Aside from having one of the excellent Twitter accounts of any search engine optimization device maker, Screaming Frog is the maximum famous desktop-based totally crawler available today. Many people don't recognise that there's a loose model that lets in for up to 500 URLs in line with crawl. While now not as absolutely useful because the paid version, it is notable for small initiatives and smaller website audits.



Get it: Screaming Frog



12. Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer



Most parents inside the SEO area are familiar with Screaming Frog, however many don't realize that the Frog additionally gives a standalone free/paid Log File Analyzer tool. The loose version is very sturdy, though confined to 1000 lines.



Get it: Screaming Frog Log File Analyser



13. SEOlyzer



SEOlyzer is a log analysis device endorsed via Aleyda Solis in her very super search engine optimization podcast Crawling Mondays. SEOlyzer is a splendid log analysis device with a few cool functions like real-time analysis and web page categorization.



Get it: SEOlyzer



14. Xenu



Gotta be honest, even though Xenu has been on every "loose search engine optimization tool" listing because the dawn of, no way did I think it might make this one. This Windows-based computer crawler has been certainly unchanged during the last 10 years. That said, a number of folks nevertheless love and use it for primary site auditing, seeking out broken hyperlinks, etc. Heck, I'm leaving right here for sentimental reasons. Check it out.



Get it: Xenu



Keyword Research


Tools to discover what humans are looking for, together with volume and competition.



15. Answer The Public



It's difficult now not to love Answer The Public. The interface has an almost "Cards Against Humanity" revolt vibe to it. Regardless, if you need to generate a huge list of questions from any key-word set, that is your go-to device.



Get it: Answer The Public



16. Keyword Explorer



If you're no longer acquainted with Moz's superb keyword research tool, you ought to give it a try. 500 million keyword tips, all the maximum correct quantity ranges inside the industry. You also get Moz's famous Keyword Difficulty Score in conjunction with CTR statistics. Moz's free network account offers you access to 10 queries a month, with each query actually giving you as much as 1000 key-word pointers in conjunction with SERP analysis.



Get it: Keyword Explorer



17. Keyword Planner



Google's personal Keyword Planner turned into constructed for parents who buy Google advertisements, but it nonetheless supplies a ton of statistics beneficial for search engine optimization keyword planning. It makes use of Google's personal statistics and has beneficial functions like country filtering. Be careful with metrics like competition (this is supposed for paid placements) and extent — which is thought to be confusing.



Get it: Keyword Planner



18. Keyword Sh****r



Yes, it is referred to as Keyword Sh****r. It pains me to jot down this. That said, it says what it does and does what it says. Type in a key-word and it, um, poops out a poop-ton of keywords.



Get it: Keyword Sh****r



19. Keywords Everywhere



An SEO favorite! Install this browser extension for Firefox or Chrome, and see key-word pointers with volume as you cruise the internet. Works in Google Search Console as properly. This one is a must-have for key-word inspiration.



Get it: Keywords Everywhere



20. Ubersuggest



Sometimes I make a laugh of Neil Patel due to the fact he does search engine marketing in his pajamas. I'm likely jealous because I do not even very own pajamas. Regardless, Neil took over Ubersuggest not long ago and gave it a primary overall. If you have not tried it in a even as, it now is going way beyond key-word hints and offers a number of extended search engine optimization talents along with primary hyperlink metrics and top competitor pages.



Get it: Ubersuggest



Link Tools


Tools to discover, evaluate, and manner back-link opportunities.



21. Disavow Tool



Google makes the Disavow Tool hard to locate because maximum website online owners generally do not want to apply it. But while you do, it is able to be useful for buying penalties eliminated and some SEOs swear by way of it for preventing off poor SEO. If you choose to apply this tool, be careful and test with this guide on disavowing the right hyperlinks.



Get it: Disavow Tool



22. Link Explorer



Link Explorer is arguably the largest, highest-accuracy link index and the most correct DA and one-way link checker inside the SEO global today, boasting 35 trillion hyperlinks. The loose account access gives you 10 queries and 50 rows of statistics per query each month, plus adds simple link metrics to the MozBar as you browse the web.



Get it: Link Explorer



23. Link Miner



Link Miner is a loose Chrome extension developed with the aid of Jon Cooper, one of the masters of hyperlink building. Use it to quickly find broken hyperlinks on every web page, as well as see fundamental link metrics as you search Google. Simple, clean, and beneficial.



Get it: Link Miner



24. Detailed



Detailed is a completely unique form of free link research engine, developed by means of the marketing genius Glen Allsopp (you may locate him within the comments below). Detailed focuses on what is driving links to some of the maximum famous niches on the internet, with out the extra fluff which could make opposite engineering fulfillment a once in a while time-consuming method. Oh, he's were given a killer newsletter too.



Get it: Detailed



25. Backlink Checker



Many human beings do not understand that Ahrefs offers a free oneway link checker, however they do, and it's quite suitable. It does have quite a number limitations compared to their complete-fledged paid device. For example, you're confined to a hundred hyperlinks, and you can not search with the aid of prefix or folder, however it's on hand for those short link checks, or if you are doing SEO on a decent budget. Free Backlink Checker



Get it: Backlink Checker



Local search engine marketing


Free tools to optimize your on Google Maps and beyond.



26. Google My Business



Basically, that is the #1, must-have device for Local search engine marketing — particularly if you live in a market served by Google. It permits you to say your enterprise, control listing data, and reply to reviews — amongst other things. Claiming your enterprise profile forms the foundation of most other neighborhood SEO activities, so it is an critical step.



Get it: Google My Business



27. Google Review Link Generator



The Google Review Link Generator through Whitespark solves a easy problem - how do you deliver your clients a URL to depart a Google review to your business? Reviews drive scores, however Google does not effortlessly offer this. This generator makes it smooth.



Get it: Google Review Link Generator



28. Local Search Results Checker



One of the hardest elements of Local search engine optimization is figuring out rankings from any vicinity — particularly when Google stubbornly desires to serve consequences from the vicinity you are in. BrightLocal solves this with a short nearby ranking device that can surely drop you into any area on earth to test actual nearby ratings.



Get it: Local Search Results Checker



29. Moz Local Check Business Listing



How consistent is your business information across the neighborhood search ecosystem? Moz Local lets you quick test how your commercial enterprise suggests up across the web inside the major records aggregators that Google and others use to rank local search outcomes. Very on hand to understand your strengths and weaknesses.



Get it: Moz Local Check Business Listing



Mobile search engine marketing


Tools to optimize your internet site in Google's mobile-first international.



30. Mobile First Index Checker



Mobile variations of websites regularly differ drastically from their computing device versions. Because Google has switched to mobile-first indexing, it's crucial that major factors (links, structured records, etc.) fit on both versions. A quantity of gear will check this for you, but Zeo's is probably the most complete.



Get it: Mobile First Index Checker



31. Mobile SERP Test



It's amazing how mobile seek consequences can vary with the aid of both place AND device. MobileMoxie's cell SERP test helps you to examine gadgets facet-through-aspect for any vicinity, down to unique addresses.



Get it: Mobile SERP Test



32. Mobile-Friendly Test



The gold trendy for determining in case your page meets Google's cell-friendly requirements. If your page passes the test, then Google counts it as mobile-pleasant, that's a bonafide (albeit small) ranking factor. If your page isn't mobile-pleasant, it'll deliver you specific areas to address.



Get it: Mobile-Friendly Test





Free SEO tools that have so many features, they have got their own unique category.



33. Chrome DevTools



The sheer quantity of search engine optimization duties you can carry out—for unfastened—with Chrome DevTools is in reality staggering. From JavaScript auditing to speed to On-Page SEO, a number of the quality features are hidden away but totally awesome. Need some precise ways to use it for search engine optimization? Check out these assets here, right here, and right here.



Get it: Chrome DevTools



34. Marketing Miner



Marketing Miner has a low profile inside the United States, however it is one of the pleasant-kept secrets of Eastern Europe. If you want to pull a number of SERP information, rankings, tool reviews, or competitive analysis, Marketing Miner does the heavy lifting for you and loads it all into convenient reviews. Check out this listing of miners for feasible ideas. It's a paid tool, but the unfastened model allows to carry out a number of duties.



Get it: Marketing Miner



35. MozBar



One of the authentic search engine optimization toolbars, the MozBar has seen significant improvements over the years. Log in with a loose Moz account and get hyperlink metrics as you browse the net, perform on-page analysis, and SERP evaluation. The unfastened model is fantastic-beneficial by itself, whilst Pro users get additional functionality like superior key-word pointers.



Get it: MozBar



36. SEMrush



Like Moz, SEMrush offers a full suite of all-in-one SEO equipment, and they have a unfastened account choice that works well if you simplest paintings with a unmarried website, or best need a short peek at top-level data. The loose account level offers you access to one "project" which incorporates fundamental site auditing, as well as limited key-word and area reporting.



Get it: SEMrush



37. SEO Minion



search engine marketing Minion is a very famous Chrome extension that is going beyond most search engine marketing toolbars. Some of the quick functions it plays consist of studying on-page search engine optimization, take a look at broken links, Hreflang checks, a SERP preview tool, and a nifty Google seek region simulator. Definitely really worth trying out.



Get it: SEO Minion



38. SEOquake



Out of all of the search engine marketing toolbars to be had on the market, SEOquake is probably the maximum effective, and comes with a plethora of configuration options — so you can configure it to modify for your search engine marketing needs. Aside from providing a boatload of statistics for each URL you visit, you may additionally carry out simple on-page audits, compare domains, and export your facts.



Get it: SEOquake



39. Sheets for Marketers



Sheets for Marketers isn't a tool in step with se, however a website that consists of over a hundred+ loose templates to perform a big range of obligations using Google Sheets. Find powerful unfastened sheets for the whole lot together with competitive analysis, web page audits, scraping, keyword research, and more. This is a website in your bookmarks.



Get it: Sheets for Marketers



40. Small SEO Tools



Small search engine marketing Tools is a favourite amongst old-time search engine marketing. It comprises a collection of over 100 original search engine optimization tools. Each device performs a completely precise task, hence the name "small". What's super about this series is that similarly to more conventional toolsets like back-link and keyword research, you may find an abundance of tough-to-discover and very particular tools along with proxy equipment, pdf gear, or even JSON gear.



Get it: Small search engine optimization Tools



41. Varvy



Varvy offers a set of unfastened internet site audit tools from the folks at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Most of the exams are of the on-web page type concerning crawling and first-class practices. Varvy additionally gives separate stand-alone equipment for web page speed and mobile SEO. Overall, this is a superb short tool to start an search engine optimization audit and to carry out basic checklist tasks in a hurry.



Get it: Varvy


Alternatives: search engine optimization PowerSuite, CanIRank



On-page search engine optimization


Tools to help you maximize your content material potential on the page level.



42. Natural Language API Demo



While there may be some debate over how actionable Google's Natural Language API is for search engine optimization, there's no denying it's a cool device with lots of superior evaluation. The free demo allows you to research the text of a unmarried web page at a time and helps you to see how a search engine might view entities, sentiment evaluation, syntax, and categorization.



Get it: Natural Language API


See additionally: Advanced search engine optimization Strategies the use of Natural Language Processing



43. Rich Results Test



Did you implement review score stars on your JSON-LD, and want to see in case your markup is valid for Google's Rich Results? Getting a passing grade would not suggest your page will routinely show wealthy results inside the SERPs, but think of it because the cost of admission (the price being unfastened, of course.)



Get it: Rich Results Test



44. Structured Data Testing Tool



Bookmark, bookmark, bookmark this web page. Google's Structured Data Testing tool is essential for not best troubleshooting your personal structured facts however performing competitive analysis in your competitor's structured data as well. Pro Tip: You can edit the code within the tool to troubleshoot and arrive at valid code.



Get it: Structured Data Testing Tool



45. Tag Manager



On the surface, Google Tag Manager serves a simple motive of permitting you to inject "tags" (which includes Google Analytics) into your HTML. Beyond that, superior users can leverage Tag Manager for a number of SEO functions. While Google recommends against the usage of Tag Manager to insert vital factors like structured data, it remains useful for a ton of search engine marketing-related activities.



Get it: Tag Manager



46. View Rendered Source



This simple JavaScript auditing tool does one thing, and it does it very well. View Rendered Source is a unfastened Chrome plugin that allows you to without difficulty see the absolutely rendered DOM of any URL, and evaluate it to the authentic HTML. Great for JavaScript auditing and troubleshooting.



Get it: View Rendered Source





Cools free equipment for competitive, ancient, and technological evaluation.



47. BuzzSumo



As an search engine optimization studies device, BuzzSumo is awesome. Its Chrome extension is one of the few tools to be had that supply reliable social share rely estimates for any piece of content. You don't get as much facts with a unfastened account, however you still get get entry to to top content and trending information. One of our favourite equipment.



Get it: BuzzSumo



48. Hunter



Hunter is a famous e mail seek device, and certainly the maximum famous unfastened e-mail finder. Use it to locate the e mail deal with related to any agency or individual, and verify any e mail address you already have. 50 free queries/month earlier than paid plans kick in.



Get it: Hunter


Also popular: Viola Nobert



49. SimilarWeb



SimilarWeb is like competitor analysis on steroids. You can studies your competitor's traffic, pinnacle pages, engagement, advertising channels, and more. The unfastened providing is confined to five consequences according to metric, but it's frequently sufficient to seize a quick facts point.



Get it: SimilarWeb



50. Wappalyzer



There are plenty of tools that assist you analyze what technology stacks a website runs on, however Wappalyzer is an SEO favorite. It's 100 percentage loose (except you want advanced reporting) and will instantly tell you what generation a website is using. For example, are they the usage of Yoast or All In One search engine marketing Pack?



Get it: Wappalyzer



51. Wayback Machine



Gotta be honest, I for my part use the Wayback Machine 2–3 instances a week. It's best for uncovering historic information. You may even discover a trove of historical robots.Txt files archived. There are a ton of different search engine marketing uses for Wayback Machine you may discover useful. 100 percent free.



Get it: Wayback Machine



52. Bulk Domain Availability Checker



To be honest, I hadn't heard of this tool earlier than, but numerous SEOs who regularly buy domain names praised it highly. It appears particularly popular with the black hat/PBN group, however the device itself has white hat SEO legitimacy as well. Simply input as much as 20,000 domains at a time, and it'll speedy inform you if they're to be had. Beats the heck out of typing them in a single at a time using Godaddy.



Get it: Bulk Domain Availability Checker



Site Speed


Tools to speed up your web site if you want to enhance engagement, increase conversions, and rank higher.



53. Cloudflare



There are such a lot of good things to say approximately Cloudflare, it is difficult to recognize what to encompass right here. Aside from a unfastened CDN to speed up your web site, it also lets in for easy DNS management, and one hundred percentage free DDoS protection. You can run on a paid plan forever, but in case you are prepared to upgrade, the pro functions are splendid cool and amazingly affordable.



Get it: Cloudflare



54. GTmetrix



GTmetrix is considered one of many web site pace overall performance exams that SEOs love to use. It provides familiar reports along with PageSpeed, YSlow, and Waterfalls, as well as automatically visualizing historic statistics for every web page it analyses.



Get it: GTmetrix



55. Lighthouse



Lighthouse is Google's open-source velocity overall performance device. It's additionally the most up-to-date, mainly in terms of analyzing the performance of cell pages and PWAs. Google not simplest recommends using Lighthouse to evaluate your web page overall performance, but there's additionally speculation they use very similar reviews in their ranking algorithms.



Get it: Lighthouse



56. Page Speed Insights



Page Speed Insights is another Google tool constructed on pinnacle of Lighthouse, with one key brought metric: Field Data. Field Data uses metrics amassed by way of the Chrome User Experience Report so you can see how your page plays with actual customers throughout the globe. Not each web page has facts, however it's exceptional useful when it does.



Get it: Page Speed Insights



57. SpeedMonitor.Io



If manually logging into a speed tool to test your performance every day isn't always your thing, recall SpeedMonitor.Io. It uses Lighthouse data to gauge overall performance, then tracks it over time and shops the effects — eager about unfastened. You may even upload competitor tracking and on-call for audits.



Get it: SpeedMonitor.Io



58. WebpageTest



Webpage test is another performance tool just like GTMetrix. It breaks down overall performance into clean-to-understand grades, together with a number of the maximum detailed overall performance reviews located anywhere.



Get it: WebpageTest





To be honest, there are actually loads of Wordpress plugins that can be beneficial for search engine marketing. You almost continually want a "general" search engine optimization plugin, and we've got listed two below. For others, you have a number of options, but this listing from Kinsta is a good location to start.



59. Rank Math



The "new" kid at the Wordpress SEO plugin block, RankMath is quickly earning a cult following among positive search engine marketing pros. It's absolutely useful and springs with some cool capabilities like built-in redirection, which means needing to put in fewer plugins or pay for enhancements. Worth checking out.



Get it: Rank Math



60. Yoast SEO



Yoast is the "name" in Wordpress search engine marketing. The maximum relied on name, the most installed (30 million sites) and often, the most innovative. With the help of our pal Jono Alderson, they have got created a few terrific advances in the transport of structured facts. I for my part use Yoast on maximum of my Wordpress sites, and they are glaringly highly



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